Welcome To My Homepage

Welcome To My Homepage

Hacher dating? ? ? ? ? ?

Have you ever subscribe to a dating site for free, just to find that you have to pay a lot to contact your matches or to recieve the letters sent to you by them?

Lets hack the sistem.

We cannot hack the site for communications, but we can use other means to be contacted or hopefully contac our favoured matches.

But this will take time and education of all we are in contact and might use a dating site.

How to educate the people

Each person who wants to use this method must let everybody know about this sistem. Or send them to this site to learn for themselfs. I will rethink and update this site regularly.

Aword of caution: Do not mention this site or skype in your profile on the dating site. Your profile will be terminated. I know for I tried it.

And may you have greate success with your hacker dating and educating other to use this system.

Lets use Skype for communications

In principle it is easy. Whenever you sign up on a dating site you you must create a Skype name that are the same as your dating site name.

If you see someone you like, all you have to do is search for that person on Skype. If you can find that person you can chat and talk for free.

Or the person who wants to contact you only have to search for your name on Skype.

So why use Skype?

On Skype you can search for people on their Skype name, so if every body have a skype name thatis the same as his dating site name everyone can contact every one else.

Skype both have chat and voice capabilities. You can also block a person if you do not like him or her.